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Photo Gallery | Kaiser Permanente Promotes Active Lifestyle To Children At "Everybody Walks" Event

School children from Prince Georges County visited the Kaiser Pemanente Center for Total Health in Northeast D.C. this morning to participate in a walking school bus demonstration.  The event was part of the "Everybody Walks" campaign to promote the importance of good health and being active.  

"This large national study showed that for children between the ages of 6-11, only about 42% get the recommended amount of (physical activity) which is 60 minutes, five days a week," said Susan Caparosa, M.A., who works in the Southern California Kaiser Pemanente Research and Evaluation Department.  "When we go up to the next age group, which is the 12-19 year olds, that drops and only 8% reach that target."

The children walked a couple of laps around the building lobby holding "walking school bus" cutouts, which can be seen above.  They were also treated to an appearance by the Power Rangers, who showed off a few exercise techniques to stay fit. 

"Kaiser Permanente doing the 'Everybody Walks' event is really to get us talking about how important it is for the next generation to be out there and walking," Beth Richards of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership explained.

Richards said that the current generation is the first expected to live a shorter lifespan than the previous generation, and that health is clearly a concern.

"We know the health benefits of kids being active is, number one, it helps their weight management," Caparosa said. "It's going to reduce any of those chronic problems they could have potentially like Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, that kind of stuff." 

Take a look at some of the photos from the event in the gallery above.