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10 Howard County Public Schools Not Open | Schools

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10 Howard County Public Schools Not Open


Superintendent Sydney Cousin announced that Howard County public schools will open, Tuesday, Aug. 30, even if power has not been restored to all schools. ,  Dr. Cousin indicated that any schools without power will be closed, but the remainder of the schools will open on time.

School officials are confident that the varying degrees of water damage found in nearly half the system's 73 schools would be cleaned up by the end of the Monday. Crews also worked to clear debris from play fields and playground areas.

Athletic practices will be held at all high schools, even if the school is closed due to power outage.


The Superintendent reminds Howard County parents to watch for school closing information because the status of individual schools may change.


Howard County schools without power include:

·         Atholton HS

       Dunloggin MS

·         Folly Quarter MS

·         Glenelg HS

·         Marriotts Ridge HS

·         Mount View MS

·         Northfield ES

·         St. John's Lane ES

·         Triadelphia Ridge ES

·         West Friendship ES