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The Dog Chef: Reinventing Pet Food | Pets

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The Dog Chef: Reinventing Pet Food

"If I won't eat it, I won't feed it to my dog," explained The Dog Chef's Executive Chef Kevyn Matthews. 

 Kevyn Matthews  is no stranger in the culinary world.  He learned how to cook from his mom at the early age of 10-years-old. He moved to New York City where he cooked  onset for commercials, movies, TV, and model shoots.

His passion for good food and love of animals collided, when he saw a dramatic change in his much-loved Doberman Pinscher, Greta.

“I was trying all the best Kibble’s that were out on the market. She would not go near them. I didn’t know what to feed her, so I decided to change her store bought bagged food to my very own creations,” said Chef Matthews.

With seven years of intense study of dog nutrition and a keen knowledge of the various needs of each specific breed, he created, The Dog Chef. The Dog Chef is a unique, innovative way to bring the healthiest cuisine for your pet to your front door. Matthews uses only the freshest, organic ingredients in all of his products.

“I make healthy meals geared to whatever nutrients the dog needs. Each meal we make is breed and animal specific. I like to use a lot of fresh raw proteins, veggies, and fruits,” Kevyn Matthews said.

Not only does The Dog Chef create gourmet meals, he also makes sinfully delicious and healthy treats!

“We only use the finest, all natural, organic ingredients in all of our products. We never use any wheat, corn or soy,” said Matthews. 

They carry Carrot Cakes and Flaxnut Wafers.

Carrot Cakes: Six mini cupcakes loaded with Omega 3's, and packed with fiber and topped with organic peanut butter icing

Flaxnut Wafers: Peanut butter crisps are loaded with antioxidants, and excellent for the cardiovascular system, digestion and coat.

These treats are featured at select Whole Foods and all Bark locations.


For fresh meals and handmade treats for dogs  click here!