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Local Cab Company "Bails Out" Senior Citizens | People

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Local Cab Company "Bails Out" Senior Citizens


Economic times are tough for everyone including senior citizens who are living on tight or fixed incomes and have been impacted by significant government cuts.

Since there are more than 5,000 seniors in Gaithersburg alone and seniors make up more than 12% of Maryland’s total population, David Mohebbi, President of Regency Taxi based in Gaithersburg, decided to aid seniors by enacting the “Senior Citizen Transportation Bailout,” a program designed to help elderly citizens gain access to necessary appointments or meet ups with friends and family.

“The economy was really bad. A lot of our clients in Montgomery County couldn’t afford to pay to get to their doctors or run everyday errands like buying groceries.  I came up with the idea to give anyone, age 70 and over, a free ride if needed,” explained Mohebbi.

"This is a wonderful program. Our way to give back to the community for what they give us," said Regency cab driver Ron Stoddard.

Regency Taxi offers a maximum of 100 free trips per month and implemented this free ride program in 2008.

David Mohebbi's original intention was to carry the program only during the 2008 holiday, but they saw how many clients benefitted from free rides and extended it until the end of 2011. "

"We are contemplating keeping the program permanently,” continued Mohebbi.

Passengers will be asked to show a proof of age and sign a receipt at the end of the trip.

“My mother is 94-years-old and is totally immobilized because of Parkinson’s disease. This kind of transportation is the only way to get her out of the nursing home and into our home for family gatherings,” said Jonathan Seagull a Montgomery County resident whose mom uses this program monthly.

Additional guidelines:

  • trip requests have to be made at least 24 hours in advance and have to be within 10 miles away. Round trips are allowed if the wait time is less than 15 minutes.


“This program provides the kind of access that is precious and invaluable for my mom, my family, and the community,” concluded Seagull.


Need a ride? Call Regency Taxi : 301-990-9000