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Comptroller Franchot Tours Prince George’s School and City of Laurel

                   Comptroller Peter Franchot will join Prince George’s County Public School System administrators as they tour Deerfield Run Elementary School.  Comptroller Franchot will recognize the school for its good maintenance practices during his visit.  He is touring schools with outstanding maintenance records as a way to highlight institutions working hard to save state tax dollars through stellar upkeep.

The Comptroller will then head to the Laurel police department where he will be met by Mayor Craig Moe to participate in a walking tour.

WHEN:          Monday, September 27, 2010

WHERE:       Deerfield Run Elementary School

Prince George’s County will Benefit from $115 Million in Federal Stimulus to Boost Internet Speed

Prince George’s County’s elementary schools and other public buildings will soon have some of the fastest broadband Internet connections in the nation, thanks to a $115 million federal grant awarded to the One Maryland Broadband Network.

Over the next three years, the grant will enable the construction of high-speed fiber optic broadband connections to 115 County facilities, including every public elementary school and many libraries, fire stations, and other municipal facilities. The fiber network will also serve as a platform for private-sector companies to build “last-mile” connections to homes and businesses in areas of the County where residents are currently underserved.

2 Laurel Men Held for Trial after Robbing PA Home

Niochie Lawson, 23-years-old of Laurel, Md. and Jakal Stone, 20-years-old, of Prince George's County will stand trial on charges including robbery and conspiracy.

The duo is suspected to have invaded a home that ended with a gun battle leaving the homeowner wounded and an trespasser dead.

Prosecutors say Lawson and Stone sought treatment for gunshot wounds following the June 9 ambush, in which one gunman was killed.  A bullet taken from Lawson's leg at a hospital matched those fired by the homeowner Jermaine Edwards.

Edwards was shot in the chest and both legs in the attack.  He claims he fired in self-defense and will not face charges.

Lawson and Stone are being held without bail.

High School Forfeits Football Game after YouTube Video

The Laurel Leader reports that St. Vincent Pallotti, a private high school in Laurel, has canceled its varsity football game Thursday against Western Tech, of Catonsville, because of a  rap video made by a number of players that appeared on YouTube, which Principal Steve Edmonds said reflects poorly on the school and the players.

The scheduled home game will be recorded as a forfeit.

Edmonds also said the season has been suspended until at least Monday and did not rule out canceling the remainder of the season. "It is possible," he said.

Pallotti coach Pat Courtemanche sent out an e-mail at 11:51 p.m. Wednesday that read: “Just wanted to inform everyone that the Western Tech/Pallotti football game has been canceled and as a result of it Pallotti will forfeit the game to Western Tech. If anyone has any questions, please direct it to our principal Mr. Steve Edmonds.”

Early Voting In Maryland Begins

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Gov. Martin O'Malley is hoping early voting in Maryland for the first time will create higher voter turnout.

O'Malley, a Democrat, was the 222nd voter who cast a ballot in the primary at the Public Safety Training Facility in Baltimore on Friday afternoon, the first day of early voting in Maryland.

Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, O'Malley's likely opponent in November, also is encouraging people to vote early, even though he's been critical of early voting and vetoed legislation to create it when he was governor.

Ehrlich says it's now the law in the state and he's going to live with it and, it is hoped, take advantage of it. Andy Barth, an Ehrlich campaign spokesman, says Ehrlich is expected to take part in early voting next week.

A community in Prince George's county claims Baltimore Gas and Electric is not doing its job and they want answers.

LAUREL, Md. (WUSA) -- A power company not named Pepco is in hot water over service problems.

A community in Prince George's county claims Baltimore Gas and Electric is not doing its job and they want answers. Apartment renters who live in a Cherry Hill Road complex said they are dealing with power outages on a frequent basis and the power company often is not warning them when crews know it's going to happen.

"This problem has been going on for about a month because they have been redoing power lines under the ground," said William Fletcher, who works as the apartment building's maintenance manager. "This week has been really crazy. A lot of people called me about spoiled food. They think it's the rental office's fault. It's actually BGE."

Baltimore Gas and Electric Power Outage Leaves Laurel Residents Outraged

WUSA9 received calls early this morning from Laurel residents in the Cherry Hill community regarding a power outage.

The residents claim they had been without power for over 24 hours with no explanation from Baltimore Gas and Electric.  The power came back on earlier this afternoon leaving some residents even more frustrated.  Not only had BGE failed to give them explanations, kept pushing back the estimated restoration, but at this point, residents had begun removing food from their refrigerators, letting it spoil in preparation to deal with the outage.

“I can’t speak specifically to what a customer may have been told, but I can tell you that generally we try to give customers the best available information at the time.  It’s possible that initially we were not sure how long the outage would last. More details were known as time goes on and we can get more information for the field,” says Linda Foy with BGE.