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Police: Man tried to stab cop during traffic stop | News

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Police: Man tried to stab cop during traffic stop

LAUREL, Md. (WUSA9) -- Police say a man tried to stab an officer during a traffic stop in Laurel and then tried to run away. He is now charged with criminal and traffic offenses.

According to police, an officer made a traffic stop in the 300 block of Gorman Avenue after seeing a slow moving car strike a curb twice at approximately 12:38 p.m. on Sunday. The driver initially opened the door but was told to stay inside, say police.

The driver, later identified as Dianand Inder, would not put down his window and told the officer he only had a learner's permit, according to police. The officer suspected that Inder was driving under the influence and asked him to turn off his car. Inder refused the request, say police, and the officer made the request again. When Inder refused again, that is when the officer attempted to remove Inder from the car, according to police.

Then, police say, Inder reached under his seat and took out a black-handled, silver knife-like object. Inder attempted to stab the officer but hit the steering wheel when the officer pulled Inder's other arm, according to police. The object then fell to the floorboard and Inder was taken out of the car.

But the struggle didn't end there: Inder fought the officer and was able to break free and run away, say police. The officer then chased Inder until he caught up with him. The officer continued to struggle to place Inder in custody and other officers arrived to help out Inder in handcuffs, say police.

The object turned out to be a knife sharpener with a pointed end, according to police. Police officers also found approximately 80 grams of marijuana in the car.