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“Move Over” Law Now In Effect | News

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“Move Over” Law Now In Effect
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On October 1st, a newly enacted law went into effect throughout the state of Maryland.  It has been referred to as the “Move-Over” law and is designed to increase the safety of first responders stopped alongside the roadways throughout the State. 

The purpose of this law is to provide an increased layer of separation between the law enforcement officer, fire/rescue personnel, and/or motorists stopped on the shoulder of a highway.  This is accomplished by motorists either safely moving out of the travel lane next to where the emergency vehicle - operating it’s emergency lights is, or if that is not possible, to reduce their speed while passing the stopped emergency vehicle.


Under Transportation Article Title 21, Section 405 (e):

Duty of driver upon approach of emergency vehicle on highway. –  (Abbreviated) When an emergency vehicle using any visual signal is stopped, standing, or parked on a highway, the driver of a motor vehicle approaching the emergency vehicle from the rear shall:

(1)   If practicable and safe to do so, make a lane change into an available lane not       immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle; OR

(2)   If the driver is unable to make a lane change, slow to a reasonable and prudent       speed that is safe for existing traffic conditions.  

The penalty for violating this law include a $110.00 fine and (1) point or if the violation contributes to a collision - a $150.00 fine and (3) points.  If the violation results in serious bodily injury or death, the penalty is a $750.00 fine and (3) points in addition to other criminal and civil sanctions.

 For more information on this law and other newly enacted laws, visit the Maryland State Highway Administration website at www.marylandroads.com.

News, Transportation