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Laurel Five-O

LAUREL, Md. (WUSA) -- Cal Kirby sits in his living room showing 9NEWS NOW's, Andrea Roane, one of his longest scenes in the Hawaii Five-0 of the 1970's.

"This is my scene when I'm in the taxi cab getting out."

Kirby appeared as an extra on the original show 17 times.

"I was 40 pounds lighter, and 38 years younger," smiles Kirby.

In the scene he shows 9NEWS NOW, Kirby is playing an undercover officer.  One of Steve McGarrett's guys.  McGarrett was portrayed by Jack Lord.

"He was very quiet, but very professional on the set," says Kirby.  "He was a private type of person.  And he didn't like a lot of horsing around. But he was always friendly to me."

Kirby fondly remembers the last day he was on the set and asked Lord for an autograph.  "He says, 'Where are you going to?' And I said, 'I'm moving back to Maryland.'  And he said, 'Oh Maryland. I love Maryland. I used to sail a lot on the Chesapeake.'"

Cal got the gig on Hawaii Five-0 after seeing an ad in a Hawaiian shopping mall.  He quickly went home, dialed the operator and asked for the show.  Next thing he knew, he was an extra.

"So was the pay good being an extra on Hawaii Five-O?" asks 9NEWS NOW's Andrea Roane.

"No. No. It was like 35-dollars a day at that time," says Kirby.

But acting was a side gig to Kirby's day job.  He was sent to Hawaii in the seventies on assignment by the Department of Defense.  The assignment you ask?  He can't and won't say.  Like we said, he was one of McGarrett's guys.