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Baltimore Gas and Electric Power Outage Leaves Laurel Residents Outraged | Business

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Baltimore Gas and Electric Power Outage Leaves Laurel Residents Outraged
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WUSA9 received calls early this morning from Laurel residents in the Cherry Hill community regarding a power outage.

The residents claim they had been without power for over 24 hours with no explanation from Baltimore Gas and Electric.  The power came back on earlier this afternoon leaving some residents even more frustrated.  Not only had BGE failed to give them explanations, kept pushing back the estimated restoration, but at this point, residents had begun removing food from their refrigerators, letting it spoil in preparation to deal with the outage.

“I can’t speak specifically to what a customer may have been told, but I can tell you that generally we try to give customers the best available information at the time.  It’s possible that initially we were not sure how long the outage would last. More details were known as time goes on and we can get more information for the field,” says Linda Foy with BGE.

Foy states the power outage began at 2pm yesterday due to a gas leak. “When there’s a gas leak that is underground in close proximity to electric lines, the electric lines have to be interrupted in order to safely repair the leak; and that’s what happened in this case.”

As for Laurel residents comparing the service of BGE to PEPCO’s recent Maryland severe thunderstorm chaos, Foy wants BGE’s customers to know, “BGE has been on the scene of this incident. We’ve got our electric and gas working on this. There’s no reason to think we won’t see this through and will continue to work until the job is completed.”

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